Mountain Peak Air Freshener – Herbal and Spiced Aromatic Freshener


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Elevate your surroundings with the Mountain Peak Air Freshener, a transportive blend of herbal florals and fruity notes, enriched with a hint of anise spice. Made from pressed paper and infused with organic essential and fragrance oils, this air freshener introduces the freshness of nature into every corner of your personal space.

Fragrance Profile: Breathe in the robust, herbal fragrance grounded by floral tones and uplifted by crisp, fruity accents. A dash of anise adds a distinctive spice that enhances the complexity and allure of the aroma. This sophisticated scent combination revitalizes the air and invigorates the senses, creating an inviting atmosphere wherever you choose to place it.

Versatile Freshness with an Eco-Conscious Aroma: Our Mountain Peak Air Freshener transforms any small space with its enchanting natural fragrance, promoting a clean and refreshing environment. Crafted from eco-friendly, biodegradable materials and enriched with pure, organic essential oils, this air freshener aligns with your eco-conscious lifestyle. Ideal for cars, closets, and any small spaces that could use a burst of freshness.

Product Details:

  • Crafted from pressed paper
  • Infused with organic essential oils of lemongrass and sage
  • Perfect for cars, closets, and small spaces
  • Eco-friendly and made with love in sunny Florida

Embrace the simplicity of carrying natural, captivating fragrances with you, ensuring that freshness follows wherever you go. This air freshener is not just functional; it’s a small luxury, perfect for gifting or personal use.

Air Freshener Care/Usage Tips:

  • Simply hang or place the air freshener in any small space.
  • Adjust the exposure to control the intensity of the fragrance.
  • Enjoy a continuous, subtle scent that makes every journey more enjoyable.

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